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Do you use Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3, PS4 or PC you name it our online generator supports it. Not only do we support all these great platforms we also provide super-fast servers that let you load your GTA account with lots of money in no time and without the hassle of downloading and installing any kind of software or application to your Phone, PC or console. Money is generated the same way for all these platforms.

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So if you have arrived at this page you will already want to money for GTA in the safest and fastest way possible. Ok again click on the Online Hack button and off you go to get your money. If you are still reading this and really want to know how to use the generator we will tell you. But believe me even a five year old could do it. All you need to do to get as much money as you will ever possible need for GTA 5 is to first click on the Online Hack button. Then enter your PSN ID, Gamertag or Windows Live ID. Off course this is platform dependant. You can top up to the max that is allowed on the generator. We just give the option of less money because we can and some people might only want to top up by a bit and gain money throughout the game. One thing you will get to know about playing any type of game is that they take up a lot of your free time and especially this game trying to complete different missions to get money and money does really open up this game to a whole new level. If you really want to experience this game meet new bosses and different characters then you need use this generator.

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